Within the Breathebox project, a toolbox is being developed to support respiratory therapists and coaches in efficiently teaching, assessing and monitoring various breathing therapies.

The toolbox includes sensors, algorithms, software applications, educational tools (such as animation videos) and codes of good practice. With these tools, certain parameters can be measured, such as respiratory flow, respiratory volume, abdominal breathing and timing.

The breathing toolbox will be applied in different trainings and therapies.

  • Respiratory physical therapy.
    This involves removing excess or sticky mucus from the lungs.
  • Inhalation and nebulization therapy.
    This therapy involves inhaling medication.
  • Breathing retraining.
    This involves  normalizing breathing patterns.
  • Stress reduction (based on HRV biofeedback)
    In this therapy, breathing exercises are taught to reduce stress.

Within this range of therapies, the tools are tested by the therapists of our TETRA user commission along with their clients.



 The breathing toolbox will add value for the following groups.

The breathing toolbox contains sensors and software tools as well as educational aids (such as an animation video). In this way the toolbox supports therapists in efficiently teaching, assessing and monitoring different respiratory therapies to their clients.

We want to increase knowledge and understanding of the requirements and needs of therapists and clients. In addition, we want to lower barriers in the development of care technology for respiratory applications.

With the toolbox we want to make clients and patients aware of and give them access to the best possible breathing therapies.  This way we can contribute to the prevention or reduction of (further) symptom development.

In addition, a better interaction and knowledge transfer is created. In this way, we get to know each other’s needs and possibilities better, and new collaborations emerge.



Proper breathing and breath control is a key factor in many (preventive) therapies and is necessary to achieve the goals within this therapy. For example, in respiratory physical therapy, inhalation therapy, stress and burnout treatment, speech therapy and sports.

In addition, measurement systems such as wearables and sensors are being used more and more in healthcare. In this way it becomes possible to measure and monitor breathing in a non-obtrusive way, providing respiratory therapists and coaches with additional tools and the necessary data to teach, assess and follow up on therapy.

In addition, there is a global rise in respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD and stress-related diseases. This is accompanied by an ever-increasing cost to society. Innovation in respiratory techniques can be a solution here.

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Mobilab & Care is the project executer and deploys the following expertise and knowledge:

  • Respiratory therapies
  • Algorithm development
  • Application of wearables and sensors
  • Building software applications and demonstrators
  • Setting up and performing user tests
  • Applying technology in clinical practice

Mobilab & Care can count on the input of a TETRA user commission in this process. This group consists of a mix of care organizations and technology companies.



Eveline De Raeve

Glen Debard

Koen Janssens

Kris Cuppens

Mario Broeckx

Roy Sevit



01/01/2021 – 31/12/2022



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