Through the CareForMore project, companies and organizations can call on Mobilab & Care’s extensive expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure in an accessible way.

Companies can rely on us for the simulation, measurement and analysis of the human movement pattern, practical testing and validation of orthopedic and biomedical technology, 3D scan & print technology, measuring equipment, exoskeletons, assistive technology, algorithms, sensors and wearables for applications in the health sector.

In addition, Mobilab & Care has its own developed healthcare technology, databases and software tools that have been validated in previous research projects. The project is supported by EFRO and the support amounts 207.087 euros. 

  • Gait and motion simulation, in which a robot can perform an imposed motion pattern such as walking millions of times

  • 3D motion capture and analysis

  • High-speed video analysis

  • Measurement of muscle activity

  • Pressure and force measurements

  • Dynamic 3D-scanning of the foot and lower leg

  • Dynamic 4D measurement of the spine

  • 3D scanning, 3D designing and 3D printing

  • Testing in the experience lab, which is a living environment equipped with the latest technologies

  • Mechanical testing of orthopedic devices

  • Measurement of physiological parameters with wearables and VR technology



With Care4More, we want to bridge the gap between our research and the needs of companies. We do this by providing access to research infrastructure and knowledge at Thomas More in the field of healthcare technology through demonstration projects.



Currently, research infrastructure is only used to a limited extent for experimental development within healthcare. In order to transfer our knowledge in a more accessible way, there is a need for an unambiguous, bundled supply of available infrastructure and expertise that is widely communicated.

In addition, companies and organizations need more support to take innovative (and sometimes disruptive) paths. Lack of ‘sense of urgency’, limited ‘innovation culture’, limited research & development capacity and limited knowledge of new technologies impede the market adoption of innovative technologies.

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Through demonstration projects such as workshops, co-creation sessions and lab tests, companies and organizations can:

  • Make their innovative products, services and processes more market-ready by testing them in a very practical way with suitable research infrastructure and experts from Mobilab & Care
  • Increase their knowledge of innovative processes, technologies, new target groups and new product/market combinations
  • Get support in the transition from traditional techniques to digitalisation and automation
  • Set up collaborations for the valorization of developed care technology at Thomas More, which has already been validated in a research project and is already close to a possible market implementation.

This project is executed by Mobilab & Care, in collaboration with LiCalab and Health & Care Network Kempen.



After the project, we will make this offer sustainable in Mobilab & Care with the aim of using it to support at least 20 companies every year in their innovative developments and use of new technologies and research results.



Bert Bonroy

Marc Mertens

Eveline De Raeve

Sofie Verhaegen

Tom Saey

Veerle Creylman

Joyce Detiège

Griet Verellen



15/09/2020 – 14/09/2022


Supported by

The support from EFRO amounts 207.087 euros.


Tom Saey


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