In “eMEN” you can recognize “e-mental health.” So we are betting on technology to improve mental well-being. In this project we want to promote mental health care in Northwest Europe and strive for that care to be accessible, affordable and effective. For example, by dispelling gloomy thoughts using an online game or combating anxiety through VR glasses.

E-mental health care means the use of technology to improve psychological well-being and can be either preventive or during treatment. In addition, it can be advised as a self-help tool or as part of treatment by a professional. eMEN includes all forms of e-mental health care: apps, virtual reality, wearable devices, online treatment modules and virtual real-time therapy.

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Together with governments, service providers, mental health professionals, researchers, end users, policy makers and developers, we set the following goals.

  • To share our knowledge at various international events.
  • To develop five high-quality eGGZ products in the areas of depression, anxiety and PTSD/psychotrauma. These will be ready for use thanks to further development, research and application in practice.
  • To develop at least one new, short-term and cost-effective research method for quality assessment of e-Health products.
  • To support SMEs in the successful development of e-Health products.
  • To develop a cross-border multidisciplinary cooperation platform for eGGZ knowledge, innovation, development, testing, implementation and exchange of expertise.




38% of the European population suffers from a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. The demand for mental health care continues to rise, posing a growing social and economic challenge as mental disorders represent 20% of the total disease burden in the EU.

High-quality and innovative eHealth can contribute substantially to keeping mental health care accessible and affordable. eMEN aims to improve the implementation and quality of eHealth to reduce the number of people who need support but do not receive it.

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Mobilab & Care and Applied Psychology will focus on wearable technology within this project.



Also interested in successfully integrating e-mental health care (eMHC) in your organization and/or developing applications? eMEN offers you:

  • A broad European knowledge network in the field of eMHC
  • Access to cost-effective eMHC products for depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • (EU) scale-up possibilities for your eMHC products
    Contacts with successful eMHC applied gaming companies in North-West Europe
  • More insight into the multidisciplinary aspects that are relevant to eMHC implementation
  • The latest national and European policy developments in the field of eMHC
  • Knowledge development regarding cost-effective evidence-based research methodologies for eMHC
  • Measuring insight into (European) quality standards for eMHC
  • Free participation in thematic seminars and conferences in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland.


Bert Bonroy

Marc Mertens

Tom Van Daele

Eva Van Assche






Gaebel W, Lukies R, Kerst A, Stricker J, Zielasek J, Diekmann S, Trost N, Gouzoulis-Mayfrank E, Bonroy B, Cullen K, Desie K, Ewalds Mulliez AP, Gerlinger G, Günther K, Hiemstra HJ, McDaid S, Murphy C, Sander J, Sebbane D, Roelandt JL, Thorpe L, Topolska D, Van Assche E, Van Daele T, Van den Broeck L, Versluis C, Vlijter O. Upscaling e-mental health in Europe: a six-country qualitative analysis and policy recommendations from the eMEN project. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2020 May 11. doi: 10.1007/s00406-020-01133-y. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 32393997.


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