In this project we want to investigate the use of immersive technologies to optimize the well-being of patients during their treatment/stay in a healthcare facility.

By immersive technology we mean any form of technology that expands reality or creates a new reality. These technologies create a sense of immersion, as it were, in an artificial environment, which replaces or modifies the real environment, so that users become immersed in the newly created environment. This is usually done using a pair of glasses (headset).



This project wants to create collaboration between Flemish healthcare institutions and technological companies that wish to optimize the well-being of patients during their treatment and/or stay in a healthcare institution. For this purpose, we make use of immersive technologies.

There are different types of immersive technology (360°, VR, Cave VR, AR and MR), each of which can be placed on the reality-virtuality continuum and can show both computer-animated and real-life recordings.



Immersive Technology is still mainly used in entertainment. But there are also a lot of applications possible that add value in the health and care sector. However, today both the technology developers and the health and care sector lack knowledge and possibilities of these applications. In this project we want to support and strengthen the cooperation between these parties.

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The cases being worked on are applications for people with intellectual disabilities, an application in residential care centers, an application for rehabilitation and an application in pediatrics.

Mobilab & Care will coordinate two cases, namely the case concerning persons with intellectual disabilities and the rehabilitation case. In addition, Mobilab & Care will also use its technological knowledge in the translation between care and technology.



Currently, the different developed applications in the different cases are being evaluated in practice.

At the start of the project it became clear that there is only a limited and sometimes incomplete knowledge and understanding of immersive technology and its possibilities. Therefore, first an overview of the different possible immersive technologies was created, with a focus applications in the health & care sector.

This is now available online in a clear and understandable way!

If you want to stay informed about all activities, be sure to follow the Immersive Care blog.



Jo Daems

Bert Bonroy

Romy Sels

Romy Sels



01/10/2019 –  30/09/2021



For this project, four teams within the Thomas More college are working together: Bachelor of Nursing (lead), Expertise cell Psy, Tech & Society, Mobilab & Care and Creative and Innovative Business.

Specifically, during this project both technology partners and healthcare partners will be working together to develop and evaluate an application for different cases.

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